Pension Buyout and pensioner companies in portfolio institutionell

Portfolio institutionell uses gategroup and FSD as a case study for pension buyout in Germany via the use of a Rentnergesellschaft / pensioner company.

Article from portfolio institutionell: Pension Buyout with Funding Solutions

Portfolio institutionell uses gategroup’s Pension Liability Transfer (PLT) to Funding Solutions as a case study for pension buyout in Germany, by way of a so-called Rentnergesellschaft (pensioner company).
The successful implementation of the project leads to substantial de-risking of pension obligations for gategroup and capitalization of obligations for beneficiaries. The pensioner company allows for a holistic solution to deal with Gategroup`s pension liabilities, i.e. gradual de-risking of all defined benefit pension commitments and a complete transfer to Funding Solutions (DB endgame).

Pension Buyout with Funding Solutions

Funding Solutions operates as a governance and consolidation platform for the takeover of pension obligations in Germany. Our platform allows the complete legal release of pension obligations by deploying a so-called pensioner company. Funding Solutions has the necessary transaction experience for structuring, successfully implementing and permanently managing pensioner companies (run-off). Key governance elements are irreversibly embedded in the legal documentation – for example, all plan assets of our pensioner companies are kept in professional, external, CTA-trusts. The Funding Solutions Governance Platform provides an open architecture, integrating existing partners of our clients.

Funding Solutions Pension & Investment Office

The Funding Solutions Pension & Investment Office operates as an outsourcing partner for our clients’ pension plans. In this role, we structure the investment according to our clients’ objectives and provide holistic support in plan administration. We select and monitor the required vendors for the key services (e.g. CTA trusts, actuaries, investment managers and administrators). Furthermore, we manage all interfaces with our clients finance and HR departments. The Funding Solutions Pension & Investment Office consists of experienced experts in all aspects of administration, management and governance of pension plans and assets of multinational companies.

Article from portfolio institutionell, December 2022 can be found (in German) under (page 33ff).

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