Overview: Pension increases at Funding Solutions pension companies

FSD adjusts pension benefits in times of inflation, allowing FS OMPL Pensions to increase pensions by 12% in 2022.
FSD Insight 02/2023: Pension Increases

Even in times of high inflation, pension firms managed by Funding Solutions adjusted pensions. Increases took place in accordance with section 16 of the German Occupational Pensions Act (BetrAVG). Funding Solutions OMPL Pensions’ current pension benefits were adjusted by more than 12% in 2022. The company had become a pension company as a result of the transfer of the operating business of the former Omniplast. It was subsequently taken over by Funding Solutions on a funded basis. Funding Solutions made the increases in this regard proactively and for all pension beneficiaries at the same time. At Funding Solutions, great emphasis is placed on governance structures, with a clear focus on stability and protection for pension beneficiaries.

Funding Solutions (https://www.fundingsolutions.de/) was founded in 2018 by boutique pension and investment experts. Today, Funding Solutions serves numerous multinational corporations (MNCs) in structuring, managing and monitoring their pension and investment landscape. Funding Solutions has further developed the concept of outsourcing pension obligations, established in the Anglo-Saxon world as Pension Buy-Out, for Germany. Funding Solutions realized the largest commercial Pension Buy-Out transaction to date using a pension company. In total, Funding Solutions has taken over pension commitments of over EUR 300 million. They stem from industrial and service companies as well as from the regulated banking sector.

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