FSD completes onboarding of sixth pensioner firm

Funding Solutions Deutschland completes sixth buyout transaction, onboarding pensioner firms from German JVCKENWOOD subsidiary.

Funding Solutions Deutschland (FSD) has taken on pension liabilities from a German subsidiary of international electronics manufacturer JVCKENWOOD. FSD has been chosen as a buyout partner via a structured selection process. The obligations are held within two well-capitalized pensioner firms and administrated according to Funding Solutions Governance Standards. Our team of pension experts is available to the more than 400 beneficiaries via hotline and e-mail.

About Funding Solutions Deutschland (FSD)

Funding Solutions was founded in 2018 by pension and investment experts as a Pension Risk Boutique. Today, Funding Solutions serves numerous multinational corporations (MNCs) in structuring, managing, and monitoring their pensions and investment landscape.

Funding Solutions has further developed the concept of pension risk transfers, established in the Anglo-Saxon world as Pension Buyout, for Germany and realized the largest commercial Pension Buyout transaction to date using a pensioner company. Funding Solutions has taken over pension commitments of more than EUR 310 million from industrial and service companies as well as from the regulated banking industry.

If you would like to learn more about how FSD can support you with your corporate pensions, please contact us or visit www.fundingsolutions.de

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